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Potatoes are a productive crop but to achieve their potential yield they require sufficient nutrients basically NPKwater and reasonable weather.

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The exact requirements will depend on what variety is being grown and what nutrients are available in the growing medium. An early potato, such as Rocket, will be in the ground for about 12 weeks and a reasonable yield would be around 3Kg per M2 when planted out.

A maincrop potato like King Edward however will be in the ground for around 22 weeks and yield near to 4Kg per M2 and require, therefore, additional nutrients. The majority of home gardeners growing potatoes fail to add enough fertiliser to enable those yields quoted above to be achieved.

How much potato fertiliser you need to add before planting and during the growing period will depend on the quantity already in the soil as well as the variety grown. To accurately know the nutrient level in the soil, you need a soil test kit which I think is a good investment for any serious grower but most do not have.

In the absence of a proper test you fall back on your knowledge of the soil and what you have added to it. Soil Test Kits. Ideally you will need a soil testing kit to find out how rich or poor your soil is. Without soil analysis then you will have to rely on your judgement as to the fertility of the soil.

Many growers apply manure in the autumn before planting potatoes in the spring. So a barrow load 20Kg of manure per square metre applied just before planting will add grams of nitrogen, some 10 times more than an autumn application. The author harvesting potatoes in September. Sarpo Mira. Most commercial chemical feeds specific for potatoes are balanced asthat is equal amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus with half as much again of potash or The nitrogen and phosphorus will feed the haulm foliage and root system with the potash feeding the tubers themselves.

This increases the haulm but it becomes more vulnerable to disease and can delay skin set. Assuming your soil is in good heart and has had an application of manure, additional general fertiliser is probably unnecessary but additional potash will be beneficial. This can be gained by applying grams of wood ash per square metre or laying comfrey leaves in the trench before planting and between rows. Wood ashes do have a similar effect to lime, reducing acidity in the soil and increasing the pH.

The strength of the effect varies depending on the ashes source, burn temperature and particle size.

potato fertiliser 25kg

On an acid soil this is not a problem but with more neutral soils best to avoid wood ashes as a pH over 5. Since neither ash nor comfrey can be bought, a good substitute is to apply grams of chicken manure pellets that tend to be high in both potash and nitrogen or you could add 20 grams per square metre of sulphate of potash chemical fertiliser. This is better as we are adding nitrogen in the middle of the growing season and nitrogen is the element that has the lowest life in the soil.

Heavy rain or irrigation washes it out but phosphates and potash remain to be available for the crop. Organic gardeners who make their own comfrey liquid feed and have it freely available could water weekly or fortnightly around 5 litres per metre of row diluted or depending on the strength.

But gardeners develop a feel for how their soil is and what is required. The main thing is to ensure you provide enough food for the potato plant to feed you with a decent crop. Our bestselling books for growing success! Search Allotment Garden Articles.

What to do Now! Vegetable Growing in April. Monthly Free Newsletter. Our Books — A Growing Offer! Main Growing Articles. The Allotment Shop. Top-quality suppliers and exclusive offers.Growing potatoes Solanum tuberosum so they become big requires proper preparation of the soil at planting time.

Providing the seed potatoes with deep, loose, acidic soil with a pH from 4. Later in the season, the potato plants require an additional shot of fertilizer to form tubers. The amount of fertilizer to use depends on the results of soil tests.

Potatoes grow best when temperatures are 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

potato fertiliser 25kg

If you plan to grow potatoes organically, you can choose from two soil preparation methods: cover crops and organic fertilizers. Cover crops, such as soybeans, are grown in fall and then dug into the soil in early spring, one month before planting potatoes. Legumes are ideal cover crops because they help to fix nitrogen in the soil for the potatoes. Cereals, grasses and crucifers are also commonly grown as cover crops. When soil is prepared for most vegetable crops, fertilizer is blended into the soil.

When soil is top-dressed, the fertilizer sits on top of the soil. In lieu of growing a cover crop, many organic gardeners top-dress the soil with compost and well-rotted manure, such as poultry manure.

The manure and compost can be mixed with bone meal, greensand and kelp meal to round out the pre-planting fertilizer program. The manure mixture is added to the soil after planting furrows are dug. Standard, or non-organic, fertilizers contain chemicals that may burn seed potatoes.


So they need to be incorporated into the soil before planting. Using 15 pounds of fertilizer per 1, square feet of soil or 23 pounds of fertilizer per 1, square feet of soil is recommended in an Oregon State University Extension online article. It suggests broadcasting one-half of the fertilizer onto the soil surface, working the fertilizer into the top 3 or 4 inches of soil and then placing the remaining one-half of the fertilizer in bands that each are 3 inches from the side of, and 1 inch beneath, the seed potatoes.

The latter method is called a side-dressing. Using a combination of the broadcasting and side-dressing methods to apply fertilizer, it states, typically is more effective than using only one of those fertilization methods. Organic gardeners use a variety of fertilizers during the growing season after they plant seed potatoes.

Using a mixture of cottonseed meal, bone meal and greensand increases the soil's acidity and provides nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. A small amount of kelp meal combined in the mixture supplies trace minerals.

That fertilizer typically is side dressed just after the seeds sprout. Some growers choose to feed the foliage every two weeks with fish emulsion or kelp extract from the foliage's emergence and until bloom. Six weeks after planting, non-organic gardeners can side-dress the same fertilizer they applied when they planted the potatoes but use only one-half as much as they used then.

Potato Fertiliser Program Program & (NPK) Requirements

If your potato plants turn light green or yellow while the leaf veins remain green, or if they take on a scorched appearance, the soil may be deficient in nutrients. The most common deficiencies when growing potatoes are magnesium and sulfur.These can be produced on request for specific markets. High analysis fertilizers are formulated for use in various crops. They are available upon request for specific formulation, but however some are available over the counter.

This product is in stock and can be recommended for use as directed below. The product addresses nutritional aspects of crop production at a lower cost as it is used at a lower rate in comparison to ZFC Tobaccofert The target crops are mostly potatoes. Positioning This Blend is suitable in all areas for production of Potato. Crops to be grown with this fertilizer include all Horticultural crops. Potatoes 2. Tomatoes 3. Brassicas 4. Chillies and Peppers 5.

The target crops are mostly cereals. Zinc can also be incorporated. Top dressing of Ammonium Nitrate is still recommended for the crops. The target crops are mostly horticultural crops. Positioning This Blend is suitable in all areas for production of horticulture. The product can be used as directed below. The product like other ZFC products has good nutrient uniformity and distribution.

It is free flowing and therefore easy to apply. As with other ZFC High Analysis Fertilizers it addresses nutritional aspects of crop production at a lower cost as it is used at a lower rate in comparison to for instance ZFC Tobaccofert Positioning This unique compound is suitable for use on the following crops; 1.

Tobacco 2.Organic Potato Fertiliser has been specifically formulated to provide your crop of potatoes with everything they need to produce a bountiful harvest. In particular it has been developed to promote the sustained healthy growth, making sure you get a good crop, whatever soil you have. Use at the time of planting at the application rate specified on the pack circa 50g per square metre and then top-dress every weeks thereafter at the same rate, working the fertiliser in to the top inch or so of soil around the growing potatoes.

It can be used when growing potatoes in your soil as well as in pots and tubs. The nutrient analysis N:P:K is Because it is a slow release, organic fertiliser, it will break down gradually and is also kind to the environment. This carefully balanced organic fertiliser has been specially developed to promote the sustained growth of potato tubers and its effect is to help increase the size of potato harvests. Due to high demand please allow 14 days for delivery. Your Basket. Surfinias And Petunias.

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potato fertiliser 25kg

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Sheds And Garden Storage. Wooden Garden Furniture. Stoneware And Ornaments.First of all, you have to take into consideration the soil condition of your field through semiannual or annual soil testing, before applying any fertilization or tillage method. However, we will list the most common potato fertilization schemes, used by a considerable number of farmers.

Potatoes plants generally require large quantities of nutrients in order to produce an acceptable production. Nowadays farmers make from 0 to 5 fertilizers applications throughout the months development of the plants. Most farmers apply a Nitrogen- Phosphorus- Potassium at the same time with planting we can add soil fertilizer in most potato planting machines.

This applies especially in fields where vegetables have been cultivated during the last six months. The potassium in N-P-K stimulates growth of strong stems and provides some disease and pest tolerance by increasing the thickness of the outer cell walls. As a rule of thumb, potato plants have greater needs in Nitrogen N-P-K during the first two months when the foliar part of the plant develops rapidly. From the second month until two weeks before harvest, the plants need more potassium or in order to create well shaped potatoes.

To these, many farmers often add foliar fertilizer during the second or third month, especially when their potato plants have been diagnosed with micronutrient deficiencies.

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Another common fertilization scheme involves 4 major fertilization applications, the first at the same time with planting and the other 3 every days. Finally, some farmers add biostimulators, ie.

Substances mostly foliar that improve flowering and fruit setting, promote production and help the plants overcome various stress situations. However, these are just common patterns that should not be followed without making your own research. Every field is different and has different needs. Checking the soil nutrients and pH is vital before applying any fertilization method. You can consult your local licensed agronomist.

Potato Plant Information. How to grow potatoes. Growing Potatoes for Profit.

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Soil Requirements and Preparation for Potato cultivation. Potato Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems. Potato Pests and Diseases. Potato Harvest, Yield and Storage.

Do you have experience in potato cultivation? Please share your experience, methods and practices in the comments below.

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Cookies can help provide you with a better experience when you use our service. Cookies can either be session cookies or persistent cookies.Choose from one of many varieties grown here in Northern Ireland. We will pack 25kg into a neat box, and deliver it by signed for courier within a few days.

List of varieties available are as follows:. Grown on Northern Irish soil, certified as class Elite or better, graded 35x55mm into a 25kg box. Potatoes held in cold storage. You will not find better quality potatoes anywhere else. More than 50 varieties available, we can post as many tubers as you need. Patch are specialists in all things potato. Our clients receive only the highest quality seed potatoes. Order with confidence. Before packing, a visual check is completed on all our items.

Therefore, please advise us immediately you receive a damaged item. Seed potatoes can grow in almost any soil type, but ideally they prefer to be grown in deep, well-drained, loamy soils that are not too heavy.

These can be enriched with plenty of organic materials to help retain water and nutrients for your potatoes to grow big and healthy. Potatoes hate the frost, so a nice site facing south to get plenty of sun is ideal. Please note that potatoes are also susceptible to a wide range of pests, including slugs and aphids. If you are planting potatoes every year, they should be planted in a different position each year.

This is known as crop rotation. A minimum of years should be left before planting again in the same position.

Potato Growing Hack to Double Harvests

This helps reduce diseases among the crop.If you'd like to receive a free copy of our latest catalogue, please enter your name and address details below. Please note: Due to unprecedented demand we will be unable to send out any catalogues until our Autumn catalogue is ready for mailing.

Any requests received in the meantime will be put on hold until early September. Thank you for your interest. Specially formulated to maximise yields from potato crops.

This concentrated, slow release fertiliser has been developed for use on potato crops but is also suitable for a number of other vegetable varieties. An N:P:K formulation of with Magnesium, Boron and other trace elements boosts tuber development and disease resistance and a high nitrogen level helps with plant and leaf growth.

Can be used as a general purpose fertiliser and as a top dressing. Our fertiliser comes in a handy, resalable and convenient to store bag in a granulated form, which is easy, clean and safe to use.

Recommended Application Rate : Apply at a rate of g per square meter before planting. Mix well into the root zone. Can also be used as a top dressing later in the season. Shake well before use.

potato fertiliser 25kg

Precautions: Do not exceed recommended application rates. Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, safely away from children, pets and foodstuffs. Avoid contact with the skin.

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